Merchant Fee

The merchant fee is a fee collected by the acquirer for a payment transaction completed at a point of sale with a payment card. The merchant fee is composed of the interchange fee, the assessment fee and the acquirer margin fee.




The interchange fee is paid by the acquirer to the card issuing bank on the completion of a transaction between the cardholder and the Merchant. The acquirer does not have any influence on the amount of the interchange fee.


According to the Act of 28 November 2014 Amending the Act on Payment Services the rate of the interchange fee cannot exceed 0.20% of the value of a single domestic payment transaction completed with a debit card and 0.30% of the value of single domestic payment transaction with the use of a credit card. The rates applicable to the particular cards can be found at:


 Interchange Fees – VISA

Interchange Fees – MASTERCARD 


The assessment fee is a fee on a payment transaction completed with the use of a payment card, received by a card organisation (VISA or MasterCard). The assessment fees are determined by the organisations at their discretion. A detailed list of the fees can be found at the websites of VISA and MasterCard:


Assessment Fees – VISA

Assessment Fees – MASTERCARD


The acquirer margin fee is the commission on a transaction, paid by the Merchant after the interchange fee and the assessment fee are deducted.


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